Annelie Carlström

Annelie Carlstrom

Swedish artist, Annelie Carlström, never saw herself working in fashion. But that all changed after she started attending Beckman’s College in Stockholm and developed an emotional relationship with fashion – now expressed in her dark, moody, detailed fashion illustrations.

Her work ranges from illustrating storybooks to fashion portraits and look books; she also creates fine art. And even though Annelie may have a more serious side, which is evident in her drawings, she seems to enjoy the simple things in life. Annelie loves vintage, drinking tea and walking her dog, a Jack Russell named Tiffany.

For fun she drinks champagne and eats at restaurants. She walks her dog and hangs out with friends, her boyfriend and family. She watches movies, and sleeps, and loves her bed.

She describes her hometown as, “It’s quite different depending on the season. In the summer it’s great, with all the water. Lots of beautiful rocks by the sea were you hang out and have picnic. In the winter its dark all the time, the sun goes down by 3 pm. So you are inside drinking tea and watching movies.”

It took about 8 years to develop her style of drawing and she finds her inspiration in a lot of things like, magazines, movies, people on the street, nature, other creators, books, fashion, museums, a walk, photos, blogs….and many more.

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