Carlo Maniero

Carlo Maniero was born in Padova, Italy in 1957. He began his love of art at an early age as he finds art a magical pleasure. He has produced over 4000 pieces and has donated 500 of these artworks to good causes.


Maniero believes life is a privilege and art is a form to communicate the joys and follies of humanity and that all living creatures are special in heart and mind; the tools necessary to be able to understand the mysteries and difficulties of life.


“A wolf that wanders in winter landscapes where there is freedom, or inside the head of an eagle to study the world from above where everything seems just immense, is just the fact that we are special things, the heart and mind, tools necessary to be able to understand.”


Art on Fashion® is honoured to be showcasing the works of Carlo Maniero.
Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction