Ernst Nagel

Ernst Nagel

Ernst Nagel was born in Groningen (The Netherlands) in 1944. After retiring from work in books and publishing for almost 40 years, Nagel decided to return to his favorite business in his youth, painting.

A stream, a flow of images from his childhood emerged in a high tempo; landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes of the countryside in which he grew up and visited later on. This creative explosion lead to some 850 plus fascinating abstract impressionist paintings of which a large number were exposed in the last ten years in Amsterdam, Groningen, Leiden, Noordwijkerhout, Den Helder and Gorredijk. And as for now it seems not to come to an end.

“When I was twelve years old my uncle Stuart Landa gave me paint box. It was the most beautiful box I had ever seen with all those tubes and brushes and so on. After a whole week I dared to open one of them and started to paint my surroundings. I used the backside of wallpaper, big surfaces, and those poor little tubes were empty before I knew it and I had to save my pocket money in order to buy new ones. My “atelier” became far more important than the school I was supposed to attend.”

Nagel plays a game with heaven and earth in virtuoso way. The far horizons, the high skies, he always carefully took in, to register inside himself dreamingly loving it, without knowing why.

In order to be able to paint the landscapes from his youth, Nagel had to invent his own techniques. From the wrestling with himself and his materials and his creativity these very personal paintings emerge.  There is no limit to the techniques and methods Nagel uses to create these wonderful artworks.

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