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Federico Cortese was born in 1971 in Turin, Italy, where he still is living and working as an independent artist and as an architect, collaborating with several design offices. The main interest for Cortese’s artistic research is the study of language.

"Every language is created with the purpose of communicating information. But each language also has formal rules stemming from the purpose for which it is used. Is it possible to isolate from one language only its formal rules, as if they were a decoration? And what happens if I apply that structure to another language? How its meaning will change? What will remain of the original meaning of the language?” In his drawings, Cortese applies this process of work. “The subjects of my study are the cartographic representation, the figures in the manuals of medicine, the sheets of the herbals with their rules for the classification of the plants, the ancient manuals that collect all the known form of real and imaginary animals, the facial expressions and physiognomy, the pornography, the structure of flags, and so on. All these are languages owning their own lexicon; my trial is to isolate and reinvent that lexicon.”

In his oil paintings he usually praints on a canvas when he needs to tell a story, often this story takes origin from something that is related to his personal experience, or from real life. This is why the most part of his canvases aren’t part of a series but are isolated narrations. Cortese’s preferred techniques are classic oils on canvas paintings, and pencil drawings that he paints afterwards with oil colours. In both cases the work proceeds always sedimenting several layers one on the other.

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