Galaz Vera

Galaz Vera
Galaz Vera was born on November 23, 1979 in Santiago de Chile. He studied art at the University of Chile. He has worked on various research projects and exhibitions and is director of his own art studio aimed at building relationships with other areas especially multidisciplinary science and industry.

"I like the times we live in, the amount of information surrounding is stunning, the speed at which technology evolves could be a cause but I dare say it is only for this reason. I have taken as challenged analogue tools and methodologies work in response to this speed, working with medium format cameras and film. Small stage sets or assemblies do within a room, then to take the picture completely darken the room and lit only by flashlight, allowing me to be extremely selective where and how long each object illuminated. Arguably literally "paint" light. Baroque still life is taken as a reference, and I'm interested in the multiplicity of readings and the concentration of information, plus encrypted codes such images. Taking these ideas by reference these scenarios I then photographed in them represent allegories about the relationship between economy, bio politics and Chilean society but I feel that the readings can lead to other realities."

This artwork in particular was an installation of plastic flowers, glass vases, insects and fabrics which was then photographed. Through the distinctive technique of photography and digital manipulation this piece has the striking feeling of a still life oil painting, which shows off the unique talents which Vera has.

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