Irene Buffieres

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Irene Buffieres is a Paris based artist who has studied Chinese and Chinese philosophy at university. Irene believes that her experience as a human being is about taking part in all aspects of life and embracing all sources of inspiration; it is this which results in the act of painting her striking artworks. “My work is about memory, tattoos as much as mental landscapes inscribed somewhere in the body, mind and heart, shaped by the different perceptions, emotions and observations woven, layered or loosened over my own story. Painting allows me to reveal these cycles, to accompany them in a tactile way for some to re-invent for others and allows me to let them live without regretting the choices or sacrifices that accompany them. In it is a support multiple, palpable, by the choice of materials, colours and infinite freedom it allows in a defined space.”  

Irene is fascinated by the fragmentation, the sound of crystal or glass on the floor, not from the perspective of late, irreversible and fractured but the most promising of resilience, openness and continuity. In this, she builds herself and deconstructs each table to allow these morcèlements to exist, to take a new form, no longer hidden. She is taken with the fragments of this lost unity and tries to glimpse among parts that are broken, the reinvention of a unit. Irene believes that maybe the memory that revives in accuracy with this, refining and weaving invisible connects her to nature and the world. It is this musicality that she seeks in painting, a fluid and poetic act of resistance against a tangible world that tends to shape itself according to what he has and not what it is, a mystery that accompanies us in time.    

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Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction