Jade Young

Jade Young

Jade Young has always enjoyed art and all things creative.  She is influenced and inspired by the world and people around her. Throughout her work she aims to represent growth, decay and the in between, embracing the natural breakdown of the body and its impermanence with reference to the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi and how it reflects the transcience of life.

Although specialising in painting, her artwork consists of a number of media including photography and print as well as textiles. She aims to encourage people to appreciate the complexity of nature stimulating us to enhance our quality of life. 

Throughout her education she has participated in various activities within the voluntary sector in order to develop her knowledge and understanding of working with people living with various disabilities and difficulties as she intends to progress a career in art therapy in the future.  She has developed key skills in communicating with others from a young age and fully acknowledges and supports the right of others in relation to opportunities within their own lives to live independently and develop their skills in relation to education, recreation and career.

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