Jean-Francois Dupuis


Jean-Francois Dupuis is a Canadian artist who has been working professionally since 1993. He has experimented across various fields including illustration and painting; however photography is now his main passion. Having previously worked as an advertising photographer he has since used his skills with the camera to branch into fine art, creating powerful photomontages and striking abstract imagery. Dupuis work is created digitally but he merges the skills of technology with the traditional values of fine art. This process has allowed him to push the boundaries of what photography is perceived to be and has given him a broader spectrum to express his creativity without limits.

Dupuis creates dramatic effects digitally in a unique conceptual process to showcase his vision of the world. His own personal experience of travel is expressed in his work with a recurring theme of place. The exploration of digital techniques and effects allows him to put his own artistic stamp on the world of photography. Dupuis experiments with colour, hue, pattern, texture, light and dimensions by rearranging them and adding his creative touches. This innovative process displays his unique perspective of place to captivate and absorb the viewer. Not only do his pieces depict the essence of place but they also portray his own vivid imagination through the vibrant expressiveness of his work. 

Art on Fashion® is honoured to be showcasing some of the works of Jean-Francois Dupuis.

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