John Hacking

John Hacking

Based in Nijmegen, Gelderland, Netherlands, John Hacking has been an avid painter from 1972. Inspired by the impressionist and expressionist painter Kaij Higasyima and later by Anselm Kiefer and Armando etc, Hacking decided to make his own artistic signature, by using pigments, acrylic binder, casein and water mixed to create his own paint. Hacking is best known for working on Japanese paper, wood and canvas’.

Hacking had coined the name Canandanann years ago, he has used this as his artists signature ever since. He loves hiking and nature. He paints landscapes with a huge fascination for the horizon. "Reality has a poetic truth, alongside other forms of truth." John Hacking is one of the three pastors students from the University of Nijmegen. "In my eyes, the horizon is the ally of the man because he stands for what man can desire and to what he can achieve. An ally that makes desire constantly visible. Every day you ask yourself the question: where is my horizons today? And by that question you automatically end up at the horizon of your inner landscape. The landscape of the mind but also the body!”

Hacking’s starting point is often a concrete landscape, in the form of a self-made picture. Around it he paints a new landscape. Sometimes he begins by drawing a few lines on a sheet of paper, and then develops natural landscape, with no ulterior motive, unintentionally and without composition in the head. In the tradition, his paintings are that of the old sumi technique. The grand gesture is made from the inside. The arm does the work.

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