John Kokkinos

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John Kokkino is currently living in Richmond Hill, ON, Canada working in designing residential interior spaces. His passion for arts began when he studied fine arts in Toronto, Ontario at the Central Technical School from 1973 to 1975, where he received the Herbert L. Rous Memorial Scholarship.

“The subject of wireless communications technology fascinated me. I imagine the billions of daily transmissions as various shapes, sizes and speeds making a crowd of busy, mind-boggling patterns in every possible layer of global air space. Still there is clarity.” Kokkino’s approach to painting is complex, very similar to the subject. He uses a combination of various media (watercolour, stain, limestone, acrylic and rice paper) to give him a large range of expression with what appears as random results. “The originality of this combination of media rises in spontaneous areas of rhythm and movement on a three dimensional surface. I use alternative tools and many times I build implements in order to move the paint uniquely. The contrast of the rice paper to the heavily built acrylics suggests the struggle between the natural and the manmade worlds.” Kokkino uses alternative tools, and many build implements in order to move the paint in a new way. This evolving process has a great appeal for him as when he creates a piece, and gives viewers something unexpected in their experience of his work.

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