John Sousa

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 Born in Detroit, John Sousa lives and has his studio in Southwest Ohio. He has exhibited his work across the USA, was a National Scholastic Art Scholar, has won two Art Fellowships, and has been listed in Who’s Who in American Art since 1999.

Fragment 10 is part of John’s Fragment series. “I find words to be fascinating yet very inadequate. They have a magical quality and work on us in ways that are unknown. I am not looking for how language is built up; I am more interested in language as it breaks down - for therein we discover more about language, its meaning, and how our minds work.” The Fragment 10 piece is honeycomb aluminium covered with fabric, with the words screened from puff ink – the Fragment series were very incredibly labour-intensive pieces. John works in diverse styles, with a focus on language and photography. He believes in using style -- as well as subject and materials -- to meet the concerns of each new body of work. John has always had a focus on the formal qualities of art and is constantly pushing the bounds of the materials he uses.

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Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction