Jola Mroszczyk


Jola Mroszczyk was born in Poland in 1967 where she later attended Art School.  She now lives and works in London.  Jola has always had a passion for all types of art across various mediums - from painting and mixed media collage to photography, which much of her focus is now dedicated towards. 

Her dynamic photographs take inspiration from natural surroundings to showcase the beauty of life.  Her observations of nature depict structure, form and colour but more than this they are a method of self-expression.  Jola has discussed how through creating her artwork she is able to convey her own emotion of the moment which will often dictate the mood of the finished piece. 

The ornate and brooding imagery she creates is thought-provoking and inspiring and her work displays a rich use of colour.  Jola is always inventive and imaginative and more recently this has led to her working as a professional face and body artist creating unusual and original portraits for clients.  

While she has a love for art she does not desire the fame or fortune success in this field can bring.  More important for Jola is the enjoyment she derives from producing innovative and beautiful works of art and also the freedom creativity gives her to convey her own personal feelings to the viewer.

Art on Fashion® is honoured to be showcasing some of the works of Jola Mroszczyk. 


Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction