Joseph Goode

Joseph Goode

Joseph Alexander Goode produces the Cygnus Papilio artwork as assemblage pieces in his East London studio.

It begins by the somewhat painstaking process of foraging through thousands of vintage publications of long-forgotten etchings & paintings. These are more than often over 500 years old & from countries spanning the globe. 

Once they are carefully chosen, they are captured digitally, then organised and filed in extensive archives. 
Then each image processed by digital renovation, which comprises of touching-up, cleaning, reshaping, colour-balancing & finally, cropping.

These components are then individually brought into the master artwork as a single layer, which comprises of many hundreds of other such layers. These are then rescaled, repositioned, rotated, blended, re-ordered & merged with other components thousands of times over until they begin to work aesthetically. As it develops, many new components are added, and the process is repeated. This whole process may require starting over several times before a satisfactory composition is achieved.

Backgrounds, overlays and typographic elements are added to the assemblage, which is finally formatted for printing.

It is attempted to capture the transcendental beauty of a world, which exists only within one's deepest imagination. Cynus Papilio owes its subjects to some of the most stunning creations of man, but moreover to the wonderfully fascinating results of millions of years of evolution.

From the captivating creatures of the deep and the coloured birds that soar across the skies around us, to the vast clouds that form infinite blankets above the cities that sprawl and pulsate below. 

This artwork is a celebration of everything beautiful, which exists, and of that, which exists only in our minds

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