Laura Iosifescu


Laura Iosifescu is an artist who has worked and studied in Romania. A fine art graduate, she completed her education in London where she now resides. A talented painter, Laura has participated in various exhibitions throughout the U.K and has been shortlisted for a number of prestigious creative awards. 

Laura has a real love for painting and has passionately discussed how producing works of art allows her to express her own thoughts and feelings. Her vibrant pieces represent the chemistry and energy of nature, which is a key theme in her work. Her use of vivid colours, various techniques and unconventional tools make her artwork distinctive. Laura works mainly in oils, acrylics and mixed media. 

The expressive freedom and rawness with which she paints is representational of the real liveliness and growth of the natural environment she depicts. The texture of many of her paintings holds an almost three-dimensional quality that gives the illusion of the paint being projected from the canvas. 

The viewer is drawn into a magical landscape of intense patterns and enriching colours. Her expressive paintings are dramatic, rich and florid which portrays her own vivid imagination as well as the intensity of nature itself. Laura has stated she wants the viewer to gaze at her work and escape to a place of vitality, fantasy and aspiration. With such captivating imagery before your eyes, it is certainly difficult to resist being enthralled by her beautiful works of art.

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