Linda Olsen

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After a long career in the corporate advertising arena, Linda Olsen returned to her roots as an artist and photographer. Her successful photography business keeps her quite busy, but Olsen still makes time for her personal artwork. Linda has always expressed her creativity through a variety of artistic mediums.

Olsen’s approach to photography is to capture those beautiful moments that help to tell a story, relate an emotion or embody a romantic vision. “Originally from California, I grew up sailing and being inspired by my father’s interest in photography. At age 7, he gave me an old Kodak box camera and I would set up little dioramas with my dolls to photograph them in different scenes. My passion for photography sparked!” Olsen went on to follow her passion at the San Diego State University where she studied Fine Art and received a top honors. When Olsen graduated she got a job in teaching art at Carmel, California, but later in the 1970’s she moved to Florida where she began a 26 year career in graphic design. “I attempt to sensitively create a unique expression and tonal painting, selective focus enhancements, hand tinting and layered illustrations. Each photograph is unique when shot and I determine the particular effects specifically for that image afterwards. The creativity evolves from the emotional response.”

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Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction