Linda Sgoluppi

Linda Sgoluppi

Linda Sgoluppi is an artist currently living in Bugbrooke/Weedon Northamptonshire, East Midlands. She began her career by studying a BA (Hons) Fine Art at Hertfordshire University where she earned a 1st Class Honours. Later Sgoluppi went on to study an MA European Fine Art at the Winchester School of Art (Barcelona) Southhampton University.

“I’m slowly un-painting myself, until only the art remains as record of the journey. The painting I’m working on is always moving towards what it will become. I can only go along with the journey; I accompany it as a travelling companion for a time. When a painting reveals what it has become, it hides the many other things it might have been. Just one dab or sweep of a paint filled brush removes it from being any of one of the other paintings it might have been, yet it cannot be what it is without each change that occurs with each paint stroke.”

“The Overscore series started after I’d been to a house I like to escape to in Wales. It’s a house that sits in the lee of a mountain and was built by an artist in the 1960’s. It has an aura of quietness that includes the lulling sound of the sea and occasional bleating of sheep.
The house has large windows with vistas full of sea and sky coloured by an ever-changing array of magical blues and greys that are often burned into silvers, gold’s and magenta by the setting sun. Nothing interrupts the view to the sea and it’s impossible not to be entranced by such a place.”

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