Marta Zawadzka

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Marta Zawadzka is currently living in Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland. In 2005 she graduated from the Bialystok University of Technology in Poland where she studied the faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning.

From Zawadzka finished her studies she has exhibited her work in both solo and group exhibitions all over Europe and also sold items all over the world. “I’m an Architect with several years’ experience in design work for large-area projects. But my main passion and way of life is painting and drawing. I became a professional Artist ten years ago. The themes of my work are doing exactly what feels closest to me at any given moment in my life- this releases great energy and delight. Painting allows me to feel love and joy in my heart. In my work I put great emphasis on building an aesthetic experience. Composition and proportions are the first rule of achieving beauty in paintings. Often, I study my images like a puzzle; I rearrange and modify the pieces.” Zawadzka has for now ten years shared her experiences through a range of beautiful paintings and drawings. Her aim is to inspire others with her passion and sensitivity to Art. She has a great joy and gets immense satisfaction with a fresh look at self-expression.

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