Miranda Woodard


Miranda Woodard lives in the West Country. Her childhood was spent surfing the sea and skimming the waves on the beaches of Cornwall. She went on to study at Winchester School of Art, and is now a founder member of the RAra Collective.

Her paintings, drawings and sculptures are wonderfully deranged. She uses vibrant colours and seductive shapes which draw you into her vision. She reveals the ordinary in unexpected places, entertaining and surprising the viewer with her sense of pattern, shape and colour. Although her work is full of fun and enjoyment, the macabre and the weird are never far beneath the surface. The echoes of half remembered dreams ripple across her canvases, prodding your funny bone. She balances 'the beautiful ' and 'the disturbing' on each end of a visual see saw then leaves it to you to decide which side wins.

Miranda sells her work through “The Last Tuesday Society Gallery”, Hackney, London and through Saatchionline.com. Her work has been acquired by the international collector and art patron, Maryam Eisler, and H.R.H the Prince of Wales amongst others.

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