Roman Serra

Roman Serrai

Roman Serra was born in Detroit, MI. His Childhood was spent on Riverview farm in Macomb County; MI. Serra completed a Masters of Fine Art at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Art - Philadelphia, PA, in 2011. He also completed a Bachelors of Fine Art the School of the Art Institute of Chicago- Chicago, IL.

Nature has always influenced Serra especially it's destructive and regenerative properties. Serra’s art is a response to life and different experiences I have had along the way. I strive to make images that are full of energy. Abstraction is my voice, I use paint because it is fluid, it transforms and tells a story. Painted images can invoke feeling, each piece like a gift for the viewer. Sometimes the physical process can become the focus of my work.

More recently, I have been working with an elemental motif. Fire, Earth, Water and Air are all present in my current body of work, in both a symbolic and physical way. I have set my canvases ablaze, sanded them with water, used my breath to draw with paint and made most of my paint from natural powdered pigments.

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