Sheila Saffe

Shelia Saffe
Sheila Saffe was born April 2, 1985 in Mendoza, Argentina. She has always been passionate about contemporary abstract art; in particular, the relationship between colour, landscape, nature and form. As a child she developed her artistic skills by taking classes in drawing and painting, and learning techniques using pastels, acrylic and coloured pencils.

Saffe studied architecture at the University of Mendoza developing freehand sketches in the course of her career and applying techniques such as water colour before entering the world of digital art in early 2009.

Having obtained her degree in architecture in 2010, with a thesis project based on landscape rehabilitation, ‘Godoy Municipality Park Crus with Menotti Pescarmona’, she went on to win an internationally renowned scenic design award in 2011 in Canada.

In 2011-2012 she studied Cursa Design in Landscape Planning at the National University of Cordoba and currently operates in within her artistic profession as an architect and as an artist.


She lives and works in the valleys of The Andes and has a desire to discover new and inspiring places.


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Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction