Simon Fraser


Simon Fraser, a.k.a. WYN, was born and raised in the jungles of Malaya then burnished and singed in the furnaces of Rock and Roll. He is now working in the calmer surroundings of the West Country. Simon's work has been exhibited in Galleries in London and across the UK, as well as in New York, Paris and Beirut and can be found in collections as far apart as Buenos Aires and Edinburgh.

Simon’s earlier work was usually signed with the acronym ‘WYN’ and mostly consisted of painted wooden sculpture. In the late ‘90s, he was commissioned by Harrods of London to produce 20 pieces for their Christmas window displays. H.R.H. Prince Charles also acquired two pieces around the same time. Much of Simon’s recent output has evolved from the idea that once a work has left the gallery, it ceases to be an individual piece and becomes a part of the décor of a room. Consequently his latest pieces are designed to brighten or soothe the spaces they inhabit; only revealing their secrets on closer inspection.

Simon is a founder member of the RAra Collective, a group of artists who live and work in Cornwall, England.

Art on Fashion® is honoured to be showcasing some of the works of Simon Fraser.

Set Ascending Direction
Set Ascending Direction