Susie Perring

Susie Perring

Susie Perring attended the London College of Printing from 1963-1967. Thereafter she pursued a successful career as a graphic designer, working with well-known design groups. She is now a printmaker working in etching and aqua tint.

Her graphics background influenced her early work, which involved exploring the print medium using line and form.  Nowadays, she experiments with less predictable techniques when plate-making, such as photocopying to distort and blur textures and shapes for the images.

She works almost exclusively in aquatints for the wonderful tonal contrast achievable. Her over-print, using multiple plates, is hard work but gives a velvety texture to the result.

Recently she has concentrated on natural forms - trees and landscapes, and on capturing the dynamic of animals, birds and fish in movement. She uses vibrant colours to add graphic strength to her work.

Susie has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad, with seven Royal Academy Summer exhibitions and commissions for P&O liners: Queen Mary 2, Oriana, The Pride of Rotterdam & The Pride of Hull.

Her work is in many galleries in the UK, and abroad. It is in private corporate collections in the UK, including John Lewis; BP; and Clifford Chance and Citigroup. She has also taught art for Dulwich Picture Gallery's Education Department and at the London College of Communication.

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