Takahiro Kimura


Takahiro Kimura was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1965.  He studied the technology of painting and graphic design as well as the skill of drawing. A highly accomplished and versatile artist, he has worked across a very broad spectrum from illustration for advertising to animation, character design, painting and even producing short films. 

He has also taken part in live painting demonstrations and many exhibitions of his personal work. Since 1991 Kimura has developed his own unique style of collages which depict people’s faces. The objective of these intriguing works of art is to show the complicated nature of the human spirit through peculiar physical distortions. These bold, eye-catching creations have a distinctive and abstract appearance which has a striking impact. The movement of the artwork is hypnotic and creates a mutating, hallucinatory feel which is thought-provoking for the viewer. 

Kimura has discussed how these intense pieces represent the ugliness and suffering of human existence.  Yet while the artist’s subject matter may have a sombre tone, the images themselves are bold with a dazzling use of colour.  Staring into the gaze of each of Kimura’s collaged faces is haunting and mysterious, yet vibrant and enriched with colours at the same time. His highly expressive pieces convey mood and emotion to the viewer.  The deep build-up of colour, line and texture in Kimura’s artworks represents what we all as human beings conceal behind our own carefully constructed layers.

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