Theodor Barr

Theodor Barr
The leading concept in Barr's art is deep space and celestial elements. He is also influenced by the beginning of life and growth of the embryo in the womb that is inspired by images of the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson.


Theodor Barr was born in Constance, Romania, on the shores of the black sea. At the age of four his family immigrated to Israel. In 1980, after having served in the Israeli Army, Barr began his studies in many of the fields he is interested in: Symbolism, Ancient Egypt, Numerology and Kabala. At the same time he also embarked on an M.B.A degree in marketing at the Tel Aviv University and graduated in 1990.


Barr does not use his name on his canvasses. Instead he developed a private symbol that combines his esoteric studies experience (more details can be read at ‘DE – Barr's symbol’ at Barr’s site).


He wrote several books among them ‘Krombie’, a children’s book, and ‘Frau Gruber's Farm’ – an allegory about the Hitler regime which was published in Hebrew in 2006 and translated to English in 2011.


In 1995 Barr embarked on seven years of private art lessons, under the Israeli master Shlomo Tzafrir, in Old Jaffa where his first exhibition was opened to the public in 2001. Since then Barr had several exhibitions in New York, Montreal, Cannes, Miami, Dallas and Paris.


In October 2008 he founded the Current Art Group, an international artist gathering that has up to 4200 artists worldwide. Since 2009 he manages teaching workshops for the current members where he demonstrates the multi-layered tar technique he developed and uses in his art works.


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