Trevor J Brown


Irish artist Trevor J Brown has painted for over twenty years and has twelve solo exhibitions under his belt. His paintings are held within private and public collections nationally and internationally.

Trevor's painted style can be split in to two distinct categories. First, we have the Farm & Country collection where Trevor paints what most people consider the background machines of modern life that "townies" do not dwell on; the beasts of the field and tractors going to or coming from a hard day’s work. Trevor found the process of trapping memories in oil and canvas from the farm he grew up on as natural and necessary an act as getting up in the middle of the night to help a cow calf. Trevor's painting style is not borrowed, taken or derived from another artist, but naturally applied as straightforward as understanding that farm life as well as the farmyard itself is basically in the round.

Second, Kings & Queens is an assortment of odd fellows and strange ladies with their foundation in surrealism. More portraiture minded these paintings mix old master techniques with a personal and modern focus. The choices of Art on Fashion® were made from this category because they represent where Trevor is as an artist today. The release of this collaboration with Art on Fashion® comes in a year when Trevor will hold his thirteenth solo exhibition, a collection that encompasses further collaborations with other artists.

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