Vasare Nar

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Vasare Nar is a freelance artist who is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She was born in Vilnius 24 years ago but after attending art school back home she became really passionate about art, design and photography.

Nar graduated from the University of Ulster (Belfast) in 2011 where she studied Design for Visual Communication. Since then she has been working on freelance projects and collaborations. Nar is best known for her colourful and quirky patterns; she likes to draw, create mixed media collage art, print design and takes photographs. Her work is inspired greatly by Spontaneity, Freedom and Playfulness. “Bold and vibrant colours are always at the heart of my work. I love to incorporate hand drawn elements in my mixed media designs to create bold abstract visuals.” Nar’s patterned creations can be applied on a wide range of products, from apparel, textile design for clothing to product/surface design, and visual displays. Tribal Nomad is a quirky Aztec pattern with bright colours and zig-zags inspired by the African nation.

Art on Fashion® is honoured to be showcasing the works of Vasare Nar.

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