Virginie Gallois

Virginie Gallois
Virginie Gallois is an artist who lives and works in Lille, France. Her practice is related to the use of colour through various mediums, mainly ink and paint that she presents in installations that may also include photography and video.

Between abstraction and figuration, her work delicately evokes places that, even though imaginary, have a direct relationship with the landscape. She uses pigments in high doses. Virginie creates paintings in several thin layers of ink and paint that overlap with transparent areas. She adds pictorial elements, she erases them or transforms them until she obtains what she wants to show; a rich picture in shapes and colours.

The purpose of her approach is to suggest and question issues that affect human beings and nature. Poetry, humour, delicacy and suggestion intersect in a world where colour is eloquent. Virginie graduated from the School of Fine Arts (DNSEP diploma, 2008). Before practicing her profession as an artist she worked in the human resources sector.

She now works in various disciplines - performance and events on behalf of local authorities, as well as illustration for private companies like 'Bergère de France’. She has also worked in animation, cultural mediation and a collective management project involving children and teen-agers in schools and cultural centres.

She is a member of a group of artists called 'ap'ic' that was created in 2008 with friends from the Fine Arts' school, to jointly organize events and exhibitions.

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