5 ways to wear bold pattern

Finally! Spring has arrived. Time to come out of hibernation and embrace florals, stripes, polka dots and graphic prints. As you can tell from the latest fashion shows, this season the most fashionable clothes look as though they could hang on a gallery wall. Bold prints are a definite must have for your Spring Summer wardrobe. We, as creative people, often wish we could wear everything beautiful all at once, but shy away from the challenge, as we have seen the pattern mix trend go wrong a little too often. Pattern adds dimension and visual interest to your outfit, so don’t be afraid of experimenting. Just make sure you use these 5 Art on Fashion golden rules.

#1 Accessories

Make all accessories a solid colour. Pick out the most prominent colour in the pattern and choose accessories which are the same colour or tone. If you still aren’t comfortable with wearing bold pattern, use accessories as pattern accents and your outfit as the solid colour. Patterned shoes, a bag or belt can add a quirky dynamic to your style. Accessories are great for when you don’t have time to change after work for when you’re meeting friends for dinner or drinks. Dress up or dress down by changing your shoes or jacket.bold pattern 1

Image: Polyvore Image: Polyvore

 #2 Scale

To avoid having your outfit look too busy, stick to the rule of pairing large scale patterns with smaller scale patterns, or just keep it simple by pairing larger scale patterns with solid colours. This rule is tricky so it’s all about experimenting to see what works best.

#3 Colour

If you are clashing patterns, don’t clash colours. Stick to patterns of the same tone, unless its monochrome. Black and white can be worn with anything. Often a monochrome stripe can look great with any pattern or colour!bold pattern

Image: Polyvore

#4 Make a Statement

Use your patterned item or graphic print as a statement piece. At Art on Fashion we like to wear our clothes as a work of art. Keep your styling really simple so that your patterned piece stands out. You’re sure to get tons of compliments!

16bc4a6f1ee2db22b93b2bb20b1fed05Image: Polyvore

#5 Be Confident

Finally, our last trick to pulling off bold patterns is to be confident! We tend to dress in a way which reflects our levels of self-esteem or our mood. Knowing you look good will change the way you walk, your posture and even the way others perceive you. Everyone is an individual and it’s important to maintain your uniqueness. One way to do this is the way you dress. Wearing bold pattern and colour is a great way of injecting some fun into your wardrobe. To find more unique pieces and works of art for your wardrobe shop at Art on Fashion.

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